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One of the many unique creatures of tropical rainforests is the Toucan. Toucans are omnivorous creatures meaning they eat a variety of foods such as berries, lizards, and small birds. In addition, they are zygodactyls with two toes pointing forward and two toes pointing backwards, allowing them to move up and down tree branches and in and out tree cavities. Toucans live in the canopies of rainforests in Central and South America and in flocks. With the effects of climate change, toucans will have to adapt and make evolutionary changes. For example with the rise of sea level, there would be more bodies of water and fewer trees, and toucans might have to have webbed feet to better hunt for food. In addition, they might have to have a little changes to the color of their plumage to better camouflage due to the fact that there would be fewer trees.