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Coatimundis are semi-arboreal mammals native to the rainforests of Costa Rica. As rainforests transition towards savannahs, the coatimundis’ broad omnivorous diet will assist their adaptation to a land-dwelling lifestyle. While they will not have access to the fruits that used to grow in the region, they can shift to a more carnivorous diet. Future coatimundis will develop larger paws and a more elongated snout to increase their ability to dig for bugs and allow them to reach farther down snake holes. Their larger paws will also let coatimundis dig dens instead of living in trees. Their tails will reduce in size since they are no longer needed for balancing on branches. Since the temperatures will increase, they will develop a smaller, skinnier body so that they have a greater surface area to disperse the newly-introduced environmental heat. Their fur will brighten to camouflage from predators in the savannah’s dry grass.