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The Tree Kangaroo lives in the rainforests of Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and Queensland, Australia. They have strong arms with big, curved claws on their hands that help them climb and grip trees. They also have short legs and a very long tail that helps with balance. Tree Kangaroos eat leaves, tree bark, moss, ferns, and flowers. They do not make nests, and feel safe sleeping on branches. In the future, the Tree Kangaroo’s habitat will be completely underwater. Because their trees will become unavailable, the Tree Kangaroo will change. To help them swim, their fur will become sleek and oily. Their claws will stay long and sharp, but webbing will connect their fingers, and they will grow small flippers. Their tail will get shorter and they will develop gills. The Tree Kangaroo’s new diet will be fish, clams, and urchins, so their teeth will get sharper.