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Present Toucan: Toucans have large bills that make up about half of their total length which is about two feet. Their bills are colorful and large and make eating fruits and berries easier as the bill can help reach berries that the toucan can’t perch close to because of its weight. Toucans are omnivorous, but their diet mainly consists of fruits and berries. The toucan’s feathers are black to help them blend into their environment. A toucan’s claws are zygodactyl, allowing for them to perch and balance on branches. Future Toucan: The future toucan will have a brown and black plumage for camouflage and for less heat to be absorbed by them. In the future, they will have more slender and long wings for better flight because deforestation will be a massive problem so it’ll take longer for toucans to fly from one destination to another.