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The proboscis monkey has many features to help it survive in the rainforests of Borneo. As day fades, it advances towards the receding shoreline to feast on unripe fruits. Its protruding five-chambered stomach breaks down the fatal salt quantities. Its muscular legs and webbed feet help it escape its nemesis, the crocodile. The large nose on the proboscis monkey is used as an amplifier for its loud warning call. Due to rising water levels, rainforests will become completely submerged, causing the future proboscis monkey to change drastically. Due to lack of remaining plant life, the proboscis monkey will become a carnivorous species. Its chambered stomach will be used as a swim bladder and to digest salty fish. A powerful tail and webbed feet will help it while swimming. Its enlarged nose will act as a blowhole, but also as oxygen storage. It will grow oil-coated fur to minimize drag.