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Jaguars are an important part of the rainforest, but what is their future? The jaguars’ rainforest homes are in danger of disappearing due to climate change and deforestation. This can cause jaguars to become endangered or even extinct. But that would only happen if jaguars can’t fit fast enough into new habitats. If they manage to adapt into a grassland, they could undergo some changes that would make them nearly unrecognizable to us today. First, they’d need to change their pelt pattern to better blend in with the grass of their habitat. Maybe tiger-striped, or even just golden-yellow like a lion. Jaguars also need to learn to survive with all their neighbors around them. Some of their usual prey could’ve gone extinct, so jaguars would need to adapt to their new food and threats pretty quickly. Considering all this, we can get a glimpse into the jaguars’ future.