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The animal vertebrae that I chose to portray is a koala. Koalas are popular in Inland Rainforests and live mainly in trees. They thrive on left overs from leaves and other plants. However, if in a thousand years, we are still at the same rate that we are going now, then there won't be any more of these beautiful and cuddly animals. If climate change occurs, then these rainforests where Koalas and many other animals live will turn into a Savanna. Some animals need to live in Savannas to thrive. But Koalas need the moist environment. One of the reasons behind this is because the plants that they eat need that environment to grow. Additionally, Koalas live in holes in trees. In savannas, there are many few trees, which takes homes away from these animals. Also, in Savannas Koalas will have a lack of water. Conclusively, Koalas need rainforest.