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Toucans are omnivorous and eat fruits, berries, lizards, small birds, rodents, and insects. Toucans live in the rainforest in the wild. Due to growing population, deforestation, rising temperatures, and building new cities, thousands of years from today rainforests will no longer be there. Instead, we will have large cities. The toucan will evolve and adapt to live in future cities. I call it Toucanisha. It’s legs will be long because it will have to walk more than fly. It will have small eyes because it doesn’t have to look that far for food and might stay in one spot most of the time. It’s beak will turn smaller because it won’t eat big things now. It could find food like berries and small insects that live in city habitats. It’s color will be black and brown so it could camouflage with the dry leaves and the city environment.