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The Sunda tiger lives in the beautiful Sumatra Tropical Rainforests. It has a vibrant orange coat with thick black stripes. The tiger camouflages with the tall trees and big shrubs to catch its prey. It eats monkeys, wild boar, and deer. Climate change, deforestation and rising temperatures will cause rainforests to turn into grasslands. The future animal, tigotch will be a result of genetic variation between a tiger and a cheetah. It will inherit the cheetah’s dominant features like the tail, body shape, spots, and speed. It will also inherit the tiger’s roar, claws, and strength. With long skinny legs and sharp claws it will outrun its predators. The skin color and the size of this future animal will help it blend into its new environment. Even with these alterations, the tigotch will continue to be at the top of the food chain and thrive.