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The first picture shows sloths in their current habitat, which is the canopy of the rainforest. Sloths use the foliage to hide from predators. Overtime, moss grows on them, and this helps them blend in with the trees. Rarely, sloths will swim, but when they do swim, they can go three times faster than they move on land The second picture depicts what I predict sloths will look like 4000 years in the future. I predict that when humans cut down rainforests, sloths will have to adapt to living in rivers. I believe this because sloths already are already strong swimmers. Sloths could get food by eating algae. Sloths could also use the algae to blend in, so it is harder for predators to find them. They would likely lose their claws and get webbed feet to help them swim better, and gills, so that they could breathe.