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Over a thousand years in the future, the rainforest will change severely along with the toucan. To become faster, a toucan will have a streamlined body and sharper wings. These changes will help toucans quickly snatch prey and flee from predators. The habitat’s temperature will not be right for a toucan’s eggs. Female toucans will lose feathers on their stomachs to sit on their eggs and keep their temperatures right. Toucans will be similar to woodpeckers. They will use their sharp beaks to peck holes inside baobab trees to inhabit and snatch termites. Toucans will often take baths and spend the day or night on other trees. When predators come, they will duck their heads into their wings with baobab leaf patterns. Toucans will camouflage to snatch prey (rodents, reptiles, small birds) without being spotted. Toucans will adapt to their new habitat in the future as they become common prey.