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My creature lives deep in the Amazon rainforest, deep in the mighty Amazon river, undammed by humans. My creature hunts piranhas and grows up to 15 feet long. My creature is the Gigas Arapaima, at risk because of illegal fishing and pollution. It evolves quicker, for its population is small. Hundreds of years from now its population will start to increase again because of strong survival traits. But the unstable, polluted Amazon river floods, and Arapaimas become trapped in toxic ponds. Hundreds of millions of years ago, large air breathing freshwater fish took the step on to land and grew stronger arm-like fins. My future creature, the Terre Arapaima, will do the same. Terra Arapaima is now an enormous predatory amphibious Savannah Skink with a cage-like mouth full of fangs. They will hunt in packs of up to seven increasing survival odds. Meet Earth’s new dominant species.