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The Keel Bill Toucan is of the tropical and subtropical rainforests spanning from southern Mexico to Columbia. Deforestation in this area affects the toucan since it roosts in hollows of trees. South America lost 2.6 million hectares of forest between 2010-2020. At this rate, in about fifty years, almost all the forest may be demolished. So where will these toucans roost? Through years of natural-selection, the toucan may lose some features that wont be needed, adapting new ones. Adaptations may allow them to nest in the shrublands of South America. The Toucan’s feet are made to allow them to stand on trees. Since the toucan habitat might change due to deforestation, their feet may change to those similar to land-dwelling-birds. Their feet will be much larger, wider, and with longer talons. Also, this adaptation takes more time than the forests to be demolished, allowing the toucan to become endangered.