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Panthera Pardus also known as Leopard. The Leopard lives in the Tropical rainforest and spend most of their time on trees. They have yellow fur riddled with black spots to blend in with the trees. Their diet includes hares, rodents, birds, lizards, fish, beetles, etc. The tropical rainforest is full of trees, grass, rivers, and nature. In around 2,000 years the leopard's habitat and diet will most definitely change, home, and even its camouflage will change. The rainforest will most likely change from full of nature to be full of rocky terrain. Since most of the food that the leopards eat will be extinct their diet will be restricted they would have to eat beetles, lizards, and occasionally birds. Their fur will change from yellow with spots to beige to blend in with the rock habitat. They will most likely live in caves instead of on trees in 2,000 years.