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In the first painting, I show the current three toed sloth, a rainforest animal that moves slowly through the trees, only touches the ground once a week to deposit waste, has very poor eyesight, moves extremely slowly, and has a low energy diet of leaves. In the second painting, I show the adapted sloth. The rainforest has disappeared. In its place, is a Savanna. The toes of the sloth have changed into paws that are good for moving across the savanna. It’s eyesight has improved, and it has developed camouflage, and speed. The new sloth has a diet of small animals. I have named the adapted sloth “Intelliviv.” This name consists of the roots of the words, “intelligent,” and “life.” It translates to ‘intelligent survivor’. I gave the adapted sloth this title because it has adapted to its new habitat, and now is one of the masters of the savanna.