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Hello! The animal that I picked for my project is the Scarlet Macaw, And the adaptations I did were Co2 levels, Rising Temperatures, and Camouflage. So let’s see What differences they have? Let’s start with 4 Co2 related adaptations. The most evident Adaptation is the wings. Birds need a bunch of oxygen to fly, and with rising Co2 levels, they won’t use It much so their wings get smaller because of underusing them. Because of underusing them, the feet will get stronger because of more walking. It will have darker feathers because of the ash in the air from Co2. The beak is Longer because plants love Co2 so there’ll be more fruit and it’s main diet is fruits, so it’ll eat a lot. For camouflage, the bird will have a little bit more green on it. For rising temperatures, it will become thinner so it doesn't overheat while flying.