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My animal is three-toed sloth. Sloths moves slowly to save energy and to stay undetectable by predators. The main food of sloths are leaves and they get additional nutrients from the algae that grow on their fur. They also have moths on their fur and when moths die, bacteria in sloth’s fur break it down into nitrates which helps algae grow. Green color of algae also acts as camouflage to the sloths. Due to global warming, less rainfall in tropical rainforests causes less trees. So, sloths with less algae can be easily found by the predators. But the sloths with long hair and grooves or more algae will survive. This genetic variation might be passed on to generations. After millions of years three-toed sloths will have longer hair and grooves with more algae. Less rainfall and water results in behavioral adaptation of sloths living closer to rivers in the rainforest.