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Today, Ocelots live inland in rainforests under leafy canopies. They survive by blending in with their surroundings. Their adaptations, sharp teeth, camouflage, stealth, large eyes with acute binocular vision and good night vision, help them survive in their environment today. When global warming strikes, their habitat will suffer dramatic changes. The vegetation will dry out, and ocelots, along with other organisms, will have to learn how to adapt to their new environment. They may develop enhanced eyesight, enhanced hearing, an enhanced sense of smell, long fur to keep warm at night, and the ability to obtain moisture from the food they eat to keep hydrated. These adaptations will help them survive in their new environment. Their enhanced senses will help them with hunting and being aware of their surroundings. Due to the lack of vegetation, their long fur will be an asset for keeping them warm at night.