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Future Animals: Seagulls Seagulls Today Seagulls are seabirds, and they are moderately large. Gulls are mostly found in coastal regions and do not explore the sea often. Seagulls are commonly found in grey or white and they eat meat. Most gulls migrate in the winter to warm weather, with distances varying based on the type of gull. Seagulls in 1,000 Years First, their wingspan will be longer for better gliding when migrating. A tab will be on the edge of the wing and when the gull is tired, the tabs will “Droop” and cause the gull to descend. Then, when the seagull descends, small sponge-like things in the wing and the belly allowing the bird to float and be driven by the current. Lastly, the feathers will be multi-colored and on one side be able and on the other, white, so when in the water, the color will switch to blue.