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As you may know, the sloth is one of the slowest animals. Well, you’re going to learn more about the physical characteristics of this amazing animal. Sloths have long legs and arms which are used to hang onto trees. They can either have a short tail or no tail. Their claws are curved to hang onto trees. Where do sloths live? Sloths live mostly in the rain forests. How does a sloth act? Well, male sloths are mostly shy. But female sloths like to congregate together. In 4500 years I believe that the sloth’s habitat will be covered in snow. They will adapt to it by producing more fur on the body and face. They will use their claws to dig holes in the ground to hide in and keep warm. They will have to eat food commonly found in cold climates: mosses, lichens, grasses, and dwarf woody shrubs .