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In my first illustration, I drew a caiman. A caiman is a crocodilian with a flat head. Caimans eat fish, crustaceans, capybara, and waterfowl. Their predators are jaguars, wild pigs, and birds of prey(“Caiman…”). My second illustration is of the new Terra Draco(means land dragon). As the rising temperatures dried up the water, the rainforest turned into a desert with only a few small adapted shrubs left and the fish and the trees died. Because the water dried up, the caiman lost its webbed feet. Also, the ridges on its eyes and nose slowly disappeared because the caiman didn’t need to keep its eyes and nose above water any longer. Gradually, its heavy tail turned into a thinner, lightweight tail for balance and its scale colors turned to tan to camouflage it. Finally, its legs went from stubby legs to longer, more erect legs.