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My future creature is a Jaguar. Jaguars can live in all types of climates, but they mostly live in Dry, Topical, and Temperate climates. But due to climate change, that could change. Jaguars that live in coastal rainforests may soon have to adapt to living in a marshy, wet habitat with lakes and more deep creeks. This may happen because climate change is melting ice, which will make sea levels rise into places on the coasts. Normally, Jaguars are an orange/tan color with black spots, but they will need to adapt to their new climate and habitat because of climate change. Some adaptations they will need are webbed claws to swim more easily, have slicker, not so furry skin so they can dry more easily, be able to hold their breath longer so they can be underwater longer, and darker coloring for camouflage in the marshy water.