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The Climbing Salamander is a salamander in the genus Bolitoglossa. Salamanders in this genus have no lungs, a tongue that can extend to catch tropical bugs to eat, and webbed feet . The predator of the Amazon Climbing Salamanders are snakes. These salamanders live in cloud forests, subtropical forests that got their name from the low-level cloud cover. Cloud forests that are home to this species of climbing salamanders also have local volcanos. I believe that if these volcanoes were to erupt, it would cause a massive change in Amazon Climbing Salamanders. First, the tropical bugs who the salamander relies on would have a significant population count drop, making the salamander have to rely on smaller meals, and would therefore reduce size. The salamander would also develop claws that would help dig burrows, as habitats in trees would be destroyed by lava streams easily. It would also be more heat-resistant.