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The Cock-of-the-Rock lives in the canopy layer of subtropical and tropical rainforests. They live in caves and on cliffs, but hangout by forest streams. The males bright plumage attracts females but also attracts predators. They are becoming endangered from humans making forests their farmlands, and from their predators eating them. Changing males to ombre, going gray to orange, they will be able to camouflage themselves while sleeping thus protecting them from predators. Cock-of-the-Rock would maintain the orange on its head and breast but change to gray on it’s back. This would allow it to blend into the rocks by hiding their orange feathers on their breast and face while facing inward to sleep so only their back gray feathers would show. The males impress females with something called a lev; they show off their bright colors by dancing. With this adaptation, they can still show off their bright colors.