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The Spectacled Owl is nocturnal, and a carnivore. They live in the canopy of the Amazon Rainforest. Spectacled Owls often gain parasites in the bloodstream due to warm weather, caused by climate change. These parasites make a Spectacled Owl extremely ill, and if continued for too long, could be fatal. Reflective feathers would keep the heat off a Spectacled Owl’s body, which would eliminate the parasites. These feathers would be on the outer side of the wings, and the back of the head. According to esasuccess.com, the number of wild birds has decreased 12% since 2015, possibly due to climate change. You would think that building immunity would be the best option, but there is a worse side to that. Physiological adaptations like that take more time to build. Structural adaptations like reflective feathers take less time. To summarize, reflective feathers are the best choice for the Spectacled Owl.