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The Toco Toucan lives in the canopy layer of the Amazon Rainforest. With the Toucan living in one of the higher layers, it needs to fly. Toucans can fly at 39 miles per hour, but they can’t fly long distances. According to Britannica, “Toucans wings are short and rounded, with those types of wings, the Toucan has a hard time flying because of its large bill and its big tail.” Climate change would affect the Toucan by burning down its habitat, with fewer trees, the Toucans have to fly farther to find a nest. The adaptation I think that would benefit the Toco Toucan are bigger wings. With the Toucan having bigger wings it can fly farther. The wings would be hollow inside for the Toucan to carry them easier. They would be like any other wings on a bird, and they would glide.