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If Jaguars were still roaming a few thousand years, they would need to adapt to eating less and hunting more. This is because the ocean would be huge after the ice caps melted. Jaguars would become skinny to be able to move quickly. As a result of parasites swimming onto jaguars, the jaguars might develop a rare ability of electrocution to ward of all parasites nearby and hunt prey easier. The jaguar might also move with a tail. Jaguars will develop a saltwater filter, camouflage but a different shade, better night vision, and would have gills. The Jaguar might also be like the Angler fish, in that it uses an appendage on its body as bait for prey using light. It would also develop air sacs to counter the pressure levels of the water. They'll be like electric eels but sneakier. Jaguars will keep hunting using stealth.