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Andigena toucans live in the Andes Mountains, located in South America.They are being threatened by global warming. Toucans’ habitat is getting hotter. The following are some adaptations that toucans could evolve. Toucans could evolve sweat glands for better cooling. They have blood vessels in their beaks to cool down, but this system is not effective enough. Their sweat glands could be located below their beak. Toucans could evolve lighter colored feathers to deflect heat and keep them cooler. Currently, toucans have very dark feathers. The last adaptation that toucans could evolve is better flight ability. Toucans now mostly hop. If toucans could fly better, they could get to better conditions faster if needed. They might have to move more because of prey lossage due global warming. In conclusion, Toucans could evolve sweat glands, lighter feathers, and better flight ability to help them survive better in their future habitat.