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I predict that Jaguars will evolve into the imaginary animal whom I call “Limal”. Limal, from combining Lion with camel for adaptation. Jaguars live in inland Rainforests, in the future by climate change Rainforests will turn into savannas. Limal has to have adaptations to survive in the savanna. One adaptation is the legs. The legs will help the Limal run fast to catch food. On the legs are spikes that are used for defense. Another adaptation is the hump, hump for storing water as Savanna’s have less water. Limal has a club and spikes for defending Itself from predators in the Savannah. The Limal will have a trunk that can stab animals and eat its food. Also the ears help the Limal to hear and cool itself by flapping its ears. Finally the Limal has big eyes to see far even on a sunny day.