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The panther chameleon lives in tropical rainforests in north and east Madagascar. Climate change will affect Panther chameleons because they seek trees for protection but if trees wither due to climate change Panther chameleons won’t have much protection so they could overheat and die. The new, adapted aquameleon would be able to regulate their body temperature better. The panther chameleon eats bugs and occasionally plants, but the aquameleon would eat mostly fish. Their tail would be used for swimming, which would regulate their body temperature. The aquameleon already has camouflage, however, they would be shimmery so they are able to hide in water. Panther chameleons are cold blooded meaning they can’t produce their own heat. Their body is designed to rise and fall with the outside temperature. The aquameleon would spend a lot of time in cool water to cool down.