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Chimpanzees are an integral part of the rainforest. Climate change will decrease rain forests. Chimpanzees will adapt and move to the snow and water. At present, they weigh 80-130 pounds, have black fur and white skin. In the future, they will lose weight, will have white fur so that they can camouflage in the snow and black skin to absorb sunlight. They will have blubber for heat. They have bare feet but in the future, they will have fur so they will not slip-on snow also feet will be webbed and broad. In the future, they will have pointed mouths, long sticky tongues, eye membranes, small nostrils, an ear membrane, more developed leg muscles, and a long flat tail for swimming. They will have cutaneous respiration instead of lung breathing. They will eat sea animals and insects. So, my future chimpanzee " Fishpanzee" will survive on snow and water.