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The Savan Jaguar, (Savannah Jaguar) is an evolved species of jaguar that lives in the savannah. Its scientific name is Panthera Havannas. Is named this because the definition of Panthera is Genus animal, (the whole panthera family is wild cats) and Havannas , from savannah backwards. The Savan Jaguar hunts at dawn and day, and sleeps up in trees. As well as the rainforest jaguar, they live and hunt alone. They are also opportunistic, but their main prey are zebras, wildebeests, ostriches, and antelope. The Savan Jaguar is made for the savannah. It has tan fur to camouflage in the grass. Like the lion, It also has loose skin on it’s belly to protect from the kicks of some of its prey like zebras and wildebeests. The Savan Jaguar has tear lines like the cheetah so it can protect its eyes from the sun and help it see farther.