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The Jaguarius is my future animal. It has evolved from the Jaguar, the 3rd largest cat species. The Jaguar is a vertebrate warm-blooded animal that inhabits the rainforests of Central America and Brazil. It is most closely related to the leopard. Jaguars are about 5ft long and 2ft tall and weigh from 56-96kg. The fur ranges from yellow to red and has rosettes. They can prey on almost anything. The Jaguarius will have many adaptations from the jaguar. Some things are like a bigger body because I predict the rainforests will turn into savannahs from fires and deforestation so the body won’t be restricted to how big it grows from the vegetation. It will have longer whiskers than the jaguar because of rising seas and use the sensors more effectively to catch the fish. It will have thicker fur to prevent the water from saturating the skin.