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Currently, the Gaboon Viper lives in Western Africa in tropical rainforests, savannas, and wetlands. I believe over the next century, wetlands will get dried up due to warmer temperatures, and trees in the rainforest will be chopped down for agricultural purposes. That leaves all of the Gaboon Vipers adapting to the savannah. I think when the Vipers are forced to move, they will take over other animals' dens in order to survive. Their body structure will change because they will need to go forage for food, instead of waiting for small rodents and birds to come to them. Another adaptation will be they lose weight and become smaller because they lose more calories due to foraging for their food. Even though the Viper will experience adaptations, one trait that won’t change is their scale pattern. Their current scale pattern provides camouflage in rainforests as well as savannahs, their future home.