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Did you know Axolotls are salamanders? Well you do now! Axolotls have not evolved for a while but, they have devolved, Axolotls don’t have any protective mucus. Axolotls have not evolved for a while. They need to but they probably won’t. Unless they evolve and go to colder oceans. Then they will survive but if they don’t they will die. Or man will save them by using solar panels and windmills. Axolotls were the almighty tiger salamander! Can you believe that it was a Tiger Salamander? I do because I trust my sources. Tiger Salamanders were smart and powerful. But now they are harmless because they are Axolotls. Axolotls have skin that is not covered in mucus. But I hope that they will develop the mucus soon. They probably will because they are starting to go extinct so they probably need it soon. If they extinct I will be sad