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Toucans Will have a different habitat. Toucans in 2021 right now are happy and majestical birds but in 2040 they will be different . Right now they live in trees they eat fish and meat they drink water from ponds and rivers. But in2040 they will have a different habitat .Toucans eat fish and meat but in 2040 there might not be any fish lakes or ponds. There might be puddles from rain and that’s how they will drink water. But they won’t get water often because rain doesn’t come every day. They might become vicious when you’re dehydrated your brain doesn’t work as well and you get stressed out faster so that’s how the birds would feel. They’re going to have to become carnivores.Toucans live on trees they’re gonna have to live on the ground because in 2040 all the trees might be cut down.