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THE CROCODILE↓ ___ INTRODUCTION I found an idea that I have come up with for Crocodiles as a futuristic animal, and traits the Crocodile would have, habitats the Crocodile would live in, and the Crocodile’s diet. ____ BODY PARAGRAPH Today, A Crocodile’s diet consists of insects, lots of fish, small frogs, lizards, and small mammals. The locations of where the Crocodile lives is Africa, Asia,America and Australia. And finally, All Crocodiles have super powerful jaws with many sharp teeth and small legs with clawed webbed toes. However, the crocodile from the future, since the climate has gone up, the Crocodile should have better scales, to protect it from predators, and heat. Also, the Crocodile from the future might have moved completely underwater, because the water is rising overtime! ____ CONCLUSION In conclusion, I think that the crocodile might have climate protection, and predator protection, also, living in water completely!