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In rainforest we have two different types of Leopards one is Black Leopards and the other one is Clouded Leopards. Rainforest Leopards have golden coats, savanna Leopards are yellow. All leopards have spots, called rosettes, which help to camouflage. Leopards are very skillful predators, they hunt at night and store food on top of the trees. They are very good hunters both on ground and on trees and eat animals like birds, mammals, antelope and reptiles. At present, Leopards are being impacted because of habitat destruction such as cutting of trees and people occupying the places to live in the rainforest. This might affect the environment in future. Leopards are affected with the environment changes all these years because of less rains. Because of less water, it has become hard for Leopards to find food. In future, with all these environment impacts Leopards will be endangered species in the rainforest.