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The current habitat of the Harpy Eagle is in rainforests, in the upper layer. Due to climate change and deforestation, rainforests will be turned into savannahs, with a more dry climate. The sun’s heat will be too hot in a few billion years, so the Harpy Eagle, and it’s prey will need to seek alternative places to stay. Mice and other burrowing animals can burrow into the ground, but what about Harpy Eagles? The adapted Harpy Eagles will have a drill-like beak and few feathers, unlike the current Harpy Eagle. Instead of having a ton of feathers around its ears, it will have fluff which directs sound to its ears, similar to the feathers. It’s feet are pretty different, an entirely new design. They can fold up like a drill, and widen to stand like an upside down tulip, but the real thing is much harder.