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The Reticulated Python is an enormous snake that lives around Asian rainforests. Their diet consists of mammal prey and birds. However, in zoos they eat chickens, rats and rabbits. Their main method of attack is constricting their prey. They have infrared vision meaning they can see their prey’s body heat. If the rainforests become more like a swamp than in thousands of years there will be 2 new species the Aquanes Snakenus and the Draconian Snakenus. The Draconian snakenus will have wings, limbs, venom, camouflage and invisible eyelids. They will live in trees and they will grow wings to get away from the flood. The Draconian Snakeus has limbs for landing and venom for protection. The Aquanes Snakenus are smart and have limbs. These creatures also have invisible eyelids and camouflage. They make dens for homes and they have invisible eyelids for the water.