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Strawberry Dart Frogs currently are like any other frog, except for their unique colors. In 1,000 years, the frogs will change. Their habitat will most likely change from a rainforest to something else. For example, the forest might freeze up. The frogs will need to get used to cold temperatures. They could freeze up, like the wood frog, but they would have to be in that state at all times. Instead, I believe they should make some changes to their body. A good one would be claws, to stay still on ice. Some frogs have this already, but not the Strawberry Dart Frog. They would need to be in cold temperatures. Fur is an option, but it would take a while to grow a coat. Another option is living underground. They already eat bugs, why not eat worms? That’s how I think the Strawberry Poison Dart Frog will change.