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The saola (“Asian Unicorn”) is the rarest large mammal in the world. It lives in the wet rainforests of the Annamite Mountains in the Loa PDR and Vietnam. A saola has sharp, long, parallel horns - they’re used as weapons when threatened by predators. Its skin can be red, brown, or black and thick to prevent injuries during fights. The saola also has a short tricolored tail (brown, beige, and black). In the long run, saolas may adapt to climate change. The saola is currently herbivorous. However, because of vegetation loss, it might not find anything to eat. It’ll have to become a carnivore to survive. It could make its horns and teeth sharper & grow claws. It might grow a long tail too in order to balance while running towards prey. It could also change to a lighter color because of rising temperatures, so it can keep itself cool.