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The Scarlet Macaw is located in the canopy layer of The Basin Amazon. It spends most of its time in trees near rivers. It uses its beak to climb trees, It’s diet includes nuts, berries, and clay that neutralizes plant poison, and sodium packed dirt. The clay is important because it allows The Scarlet Macaw to eat poisonous foods. River Banks are important to Scarlet Macaws because this is where they find clay to unposion the fruit for them. Due to deforestation many Scarlet Macaws will die to poisonous fruits. The Scarlet Macaw will have to adapt to new fruits that aren’t poisonous. Rivers will be stopped and flooded with dirt to fill in causing no more clay. So, they will have to adapt to fruits like an avocado and possibly nuts as their main source of food. These are found on the floor of the Amazon basin.