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The Brown-Throated Three-Toed Sloth currently sleeps and lives in the Amazon Rainforest’s trees and has brownish-green fur from algae growing on it. They are slow moving herbivores with long limbs. Eventually, the rainforest will become a dry savannah. To adapt, sloths will evolve into Fasoms. Fasoms are omnivores that eat decomposers like leaf-cutter ants with a 70% chance of having thick hair (helps keep cool). It has a 60% chance of not losing body water, and has light-yellow fur to avoid heat absorption and to camouflage. It’ll have sharp and venomous four-toed claws to attack predators and to dig to find prey. It would sleep 9-10 hours, nocturnally, and underground to keep cool. Fasoms will develop muscular, short limbs that will make them agile. They’ll develop yellow manes to hide their eyes and smile from predators. Fasoms would have the same eyes, 10 neck bones, fur, and smile as sloths.