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Animal Adaptations Now Bullet Ants Live In The Tropical Rainforest Of Central And South America. Bullet Ants Are Reddish-Black With Large Pincers And A Visible Stinger. The Queen Ant Is Larger Than The Workers. Bullet Ants Are About 1 Inch Long. They Are Scavengers And Predators. They Forage For Nectar And Hunt Invertebrates And Small Vertebrates. Bullet Ants Have Large Stingers And Powerful Venom. Ants Have Large Stingers To Protect Themselves From Predators That Might Threaten Them. Bullet Ants Are Not Very Aggressive. They Can Be Aggressive To Defend Themselves Or Their Colony. Animal Adaptations in the Future Ant Looks Like A Dark Red Blob And It's Still In Leaves. Ants Still Have Incredible Stingers To Protect Themselves From Predators.