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The African Tree Toad also known as Nectophryne afrais is a species of amphibian and they live around trees in countries like the Republic of Congo, Nigeria, and Cameroon. African Tree Toads are incredible because they can survive in land and water. They live 3-5 years, and their length is from 2.5 cm. to 3.8 cm. In weigh 2 to 5 grams. African Tree Toads are part of the of the Amphibia class and part of the Bufonidae family. If the toads’ habitat changes to become a savanna, the toads will camouflage around the sand, so that fewer predators eat them, they’re going to have horns for defense, have larger bodies, larger legs to jump further, they’ll be hot blooded, they’ll build burrows, and they’ll have larger tongues to catch more insects.