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Extinction for jaguars is inching closer day by day so how will jaguars adapt to flourish in a savannah in the future? Savannahs don't have large bodies of water, so jaguars need to learn to hunt more land animals, such as deer. Since trees and shrubs are absent, jaguars need to camouflage in tall yellowish grasses. Therefore, their black spots need to fade out and their skin tone needs to become darker so they can blend into the environment where they can hide from their predators. With having minority things to do, jaguars need to change their lifestyle. For example, the shade of the trees, which protects them from the heat, saves energy for hunting, and gives them a secure place to nap during the daytime. In conclusion, savannahs are the safest and best option where jaguars can prosper after the impact on the environment due to climate change.