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American Harpy eagles are one of the biggest birds. They live in the Canopy layer of the tropical rainforests in South America. They are almost as big as a small child and feast on sloths, monkeys, chameleons, opossums, and sometimes macaws. They have mostly black and white plumage. Their talons are sharp and can grow up to 5 inches. That’s larger than a bear’s claws! I think, because of climate change, the rainforest will become a dry savanna, and their habitat will be destroyed. Their food supply will suffer because some of the animals it eats will not survive. Their size will reduce to the size of a bald eagle. They will have less feathers and their wings will look like bat wings. Due to rising water levels, they will develop palmates to catch aquatic animals. These will be their survival traits for them to live for years to come.