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In the olden ages, the rainforest’s trees are the biggest asset of the Pygmy Marmoset. It’s their superpower, as they used them for finding food, escaping predators, and seeking shelter. Now, that deforestation has occurred, one ability that will help the marmoset adapt would be large wings. The wings will help them cool off, fly to different places to find food, avoid their predators on land, and avoid big birds, as their wings will be very large, replicating one themselves. Another adaptation would be having their bodies dark brown, so that they can blend in with the dark rainforest floor. After that, they could have a pouch to store food in, like sap, as food is scarce. Then, vivid wings would be helpful, to warn predators to stay away. Finally, adding onto the Pygmy Marmoset’s mouth, they could attain a hummingbird-style beak, to get food from the rising water levels.