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The present-day snakes (cover image) have many ways to defend themselves, catch prey and move. It’s fangs and venom defend itself, and it’s heat sensing pit can be used to detect predators and prey. The fangs and venom are also used for foraging. Snakes move forward in water by moving their body in a wave-like motion. On land, snakes move by pushing on resistance points (like branches or stones) and thrust itself forward. As global warming melts the ice, many places like rainforests are overflowing. Because of warmer weather, snakes will not hibernate. The snakes have to adapt to wetland life. It will start by developing gills, but it will keep it’s lungs. Then fins will replace scales on the tail and underbelly. It’s venom can be used like octopus ink for scaring and distract predators . If any animal species can survive the future, it will be the serpents.